My clients have various cultural and professional backgrounds and yet there is a common trait in all of them: they have taken a leap of faith to change the direction of their life. I am grateful for their trust and feel inspired by their courage to tolerate uncertainty and to consider possibility.


Rewards for Referral

The highest compliment that you can give me is a referral to your friends and colleagues.

I am grateful for your trust in me and appreciate how you help me to build my business. I work with a Rewards for Referrals program: for every referred client who books and pays for my service, you receive a 30% discount off the usual price at your next scheduled session with me. Just let them mention your name when they are booking the session.

  • I really felt at ease and comfortable, Beatrix provided a space for me to be my authentic self, without judgement. She noticed every detail, and that made me feel seen. What an amazing coach, I look forward to working with her again.

    Kibibe B.
  • I have benefitted greatly from my coaching with Bea. She is a deep listener, making astute observations and asking constructive questions that direct my awareness to what is most important to focus on. She leads me to a much greater understanding and perspective about how I can best move forward.

    Julie R.
  • I enjoyed how you stayed with what was arising, and made openings for more, without directing. It was so gentle and wonderful to get to just be. I enjoyed how you listened and supported my clarity around what I was wanting. I enjoyed how you brought in your own humanity, and made a cultural connection I wanted to share that I found myself, the next morning, in a different place/space. I felt more open, and all that had been closing in around me the days before, seemed to be more “off in the distance somewhere". And thank you again, Bea. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to reach out for support and to hear a “yes.”

    Adele R.
  • You got to the core of my anxiety by asking empowering questions and probed deeper. You used a coaching move that completely took me by surprise! :)). Finally, you challenged me to face my anxiety and take action on it. By doing that, you showed that you believed in me and my potential and confident I was ready to take the necessary steps.

    Nishi S.
  • I see Beatrix as a partner in helping me understand myself better and define the best path to achieve my goals. Beatrix is very perceptive and able to ask me the right questions to help me get where I need. She is also an excellent communicator and you get a true feeling of progress with each coaching session.

    Carlos H.
  • Attentive. Intuitive. Encouraging. Working with Bea helped me challenge myself to be courageous in ways that could strengthen and transform my craft and career. I had an important leap to make and Bea used the time well to help me prepare for that!

    Aimee Josiane T.
  • It was extremely useful that I could talk about my ideas and concerns to a professional instead of discussing it with family and friends. During our coaching session I could just “Talk it out” and approach my issues from different perspectives. Being asked simple questions helped to initiate higher brain function and to challenge my thinking. Beatrix assisted me to define the direction of my professional development, has given me much needed support and challenged my ideas. After my coaching sessions I feel more confident, driven and I have a clear direction.

    Edith F.
  • Beatrix’ coaching is edgy, challenging, inspiring. I hired Beatrix because I was stuck with the website I was building and I needed help to get back to work and finish it. At first, I believed that I just needed someone to hold myself accountable and kick my lazy ass so to speak. But as the work went by, through Beatrix's challenging and inspiring questions, we went much deeper than that. I realized that what held my back wasn't mere lazyness or lack of discipline, but rather some profound limiting beliefs that hadn't been unearthed since a very long time. Beatrix wasn't afraid to go there and challenge my certainties, which I hadn't dared doing on my own. And those were the moments when things really changed for me. With her compassionate yet courageous attitude, we explored a lot of my own limiting beliefs and assumptions, and by the end of the coaching, my website was written and online. I am very thankful for Beatrix support and I really enjoyed the work we did together. I liked the way she mirrored my own beliefs and also shared her intuitions, which made me work even deeper on those beliefs. I highly recommend her as a coach!

    Ludwig H.
  • My coaching sessions with Beatrix can be described as honest, very individual and overall inviting journey. During our sessions Beatrix helped me to surface previously well-concealed feelings and unfold my personal values. With utmost respect she raised challenging questions, invited thoughtful conversations and gave meaningful assignments. Ultimately, she led the way in opening a door for me to initiate change, leaving me feeling empowered and trusting in my capabilities to reach my goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Sabine K.
  • Bea has a very valuable gift of being compassionate and emotionally present and at the same time being well-structured and clear in her approach. This helped me to open up and trust her in guiding the process.

    Jens H.
  • I hired Beatrix to gain clarity around my next steps in my business and benefitted from her multi-faceted and clear approach. Her questions helped not only with the concrete issue at hand but they have taken a broader perspective of the underlying root causes. Our conversations felt very human and the sessions provided me with plenty of food for thought whilst also giving me support and accountability to take concrete actions.

    Diana N.
  • Beatrix is an amazing coach and it was obvious from the first moment that she knows exactly what she’s doing. I started coaching so as to gain perspective on my pattern of sabotageing myself. As the coaching went on, I found that I was starting to actively want to stay in the moment instead of distracting myself all the time. In just a few sessions, I learned things that I will carry with me for a very long time.

    Dia H.
  • Beatrix is an uplifting coach who pushes you to step out of your comfort zone while remaining supportive and encouraging. This provided me the confidence to experiment with different approaches on my speaking and development. I always felt safe and at ease with Beatrix as she is non-judgmental in her approach. It is very inspiring to know that you have someone who is supportive and has your best interests at heart, in your corner. Thank you, Beatrix – I am very appreciative and will happily recommend you.

    Maree M.
  • I got to know Beatrix via the HR contact in my company. As a first-time parent, I was excited about the changes with the arrival of the baby but also often felt uncertain about the impact it will have on my personal life and professional development. During the sessions with Beatrix, I felt very comfortable sharing the emotional journey I’ve been through and the safe environment Beatrix has created also helped me to discover my own needs and sort out the priorities. It is amazing that in one coaching session with Beatrix I was able to go from feeling lost to feeling certain with concrete action plans. I highly recommend working with Beatrix for themes around parental transition and leadership.

    Shiyan L.