My Outward Journey

Just after earning my degree, a new adventure was calling and I moved to Shanghai, China. I spent 6 years in the Middle Kingdom as a young professional, working in fast-paced commercial roles during the day and enjoying a vibrant social life at night. These were the years of economic boom, the new labor law, the Beijing Olympics and the global financial crisis (2008). During these years, I got married and went for a different type of honeymoon: 8 months of backpacking…

The trip led by land from Shanghai to Istanbul, mainly following the relicts of the Silk Road in Central Asia.

After that, it continued with island hopping and diving in the South Pacific and finished with a journey that literally shook all senses through Rajasthan and Kerala in India.

A new chapter started in Singapore, still in the corporate world and already preparing for yet a new journey with the biggest responsibility: creating a family, caring for two small kids and raising them into aware, wholehearted, resilient and balanced people.

My Roots

My name Beatrix has its roots in the Latin word viator, meaning “traveler, voyager”. Later in history, the spelling of the name was altered by association with the Latin word beatus meaning "the one who brings blessing and joy".

Nomen est omen as the saying goes and travelling has indeed been part of my life. My journey has been both outward and inwards to my own center.

My outward journeys brought me from my natal Budapest in Hungary to West-Berlin in 1986. Just three years later I witnessed the crumbling of The Wall and the beginning of a new era in history with the eyes of a 9-year old. After high school, I went as an au-pair girl to France and followed my heart to stay for my studies in Paris. This coincided again with a historic development: the Euro has been introduced as the new currency for the European Union.


My Inward Journey

My inward journey has been ever-present in my life: already as a child, I was a curious observer, contemplating the big questions of life and living in a world of quiet introspection and imagination. I am still very aware of people’s emotions. I tend to recognize patterns in behaviors, finding meaning behind things and connecting the dots into an intuitive forecast.

Self-exploration deepened with every step of the outward journey that led me geographically far away from my origins and at the same time bringing me closer to myself.


My Spiritual Voyage

Starting every new phase of my life (elementary school / studies / professional life / family) in a new country with a new culture and requiring to learn a new language has broadened my horizons, allowed me to gain perspective and gave me more freedom to dance to the beat of my own drum.

On the way, I also discovered that we find more creative & compassionate solutions to our challenges and dilemmas when we embrace a yes/and-type thinking instead of seeing the world with an either/or-approach.

My global voyage is an outer expression of my inward journey. I have one foot deeply rooted in the realities of daily life and the world of the rational mind & business. The other foot is firmly planted in the realms of the heart, intuition and spirituality. Between these two, I seek to leave space for serendipity and being open to the unexpected.

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