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Shifting paradigms

As a transformational coach I work with individuals and companies to create sustainable change by consciously choosing actions that are guided by values. I accompany my clients through transition and support them with curiosity, courage and compassion in finding the answers that lie already within them.
I specialize in leadership development and individual transformation and support my clients to live the best version of themselves, by changing not only how they act but shifting belief systems and perceptions. 
In my sessions I focus on enhancing self-awareness, creating alignment through values-based decisions and improving relationships by cultivating authenticity. 

Coaching services

I offer leadership coaching to organizations and individuals.
Leadership is a key competency to live a fulfilled life and grow to the highest version of your Self. Leadership is a skill and hence it can be learned and nurtured. My coaching supports you in inspiring others and making a difference in the world.

More About Me


The Coaching for Transformation program is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). It is also the only program that emphasizes cultural awareness and social change. This means that Leadership That Works is formally recognized as an institute that teaches the necessary skills for being an international coach.


  • My coaching sessions with Beatrix were extremely helpful. She assisted me to define the direction of my professional development, has given me much needed support and challenged my ideas. Our talks allowed me to reflect on my progress and think about my goals. After my coaching sessions I felt more confident, driven and I have a clear direction.

    Edith F.
  • You got to the core of my anxiety by asking empowering questions and probed deeper You used a coaching move that completely took me by surprise! :)) Finally, you challenged me to face my anxiety and take action on it. By doing that, you showed that you believed in me and my potential and confident I was ready to take the necessary steps. Thank you so much!

    Nishi S.