Leverage the diversity of your people for an agile & equitable organization.

I help leaders to become more competent and confident in practicing Inclusive Leadership by fostering cohesive & creative teams that thrive on diversity and change.

Shifting paradigms

As a transformational coach Beatrix works with organizations and individuals to promote Diversity & Inclusion so as to increase organizational vitality.

Beatrix supports her clients in working effectively across differences in identity and power in a hybrid work environment. She strengthens her clients’ability to

  • engage with people of different backgrounds,
  • face challenges,
  • act with agility and
  • thrive in a complex and constantly evolving world.

Coached leaders and facilitated webinars and workshops at....

Shifting paradigms

As a transformational coach Beatrix works with organizations and individuals to create sustainable change by consciously choosing actions that are guided by values. Beatrix accompanies her clients through transition and supports them with curiosity, courage and compassion. Her work empowers her clients to link their personal growth to the development of the greater whole and to cultivate diversity & inclusion.

    • * Understand the impact of systems and their own power to create change
    • * Increase self-awareness of their own socialization experiences through aspects of race, gender and social class
    • * Redefine leadership through the lens of Equity and Inclusion
    • * Strengthen the cohesion & creativity of their teams to navigate complexity
    • * Leverage the collective intelligence of diverse people working together
    • * Build synergy and resilience in heterogenous teams so they can thrive on change
    • * Learn effective tools & processes to help people work together across differences in identity, experience and power
    • * Foster inclusive spaces through modeling curiosity, courage and compassion
    • * Transform covert / overt conflicts into dialogue

    • * Redefine growth and success in a new way that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable
    • * Build inclusive and collaborative cultures in a hybrid work environment
    • * Create workplaces that are built by all and for all
    • * Make diversity a competitive differentiator
    • * Tap into the full potential of human diversity
    • * Address structural issues and remove barriers that hinder equitable access to opportunities
    • * Make choices that take into account the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit
    • * Engage the head, heart and hands of people to ensure a better employee experience and create positive impact
    • * Implement the power and responsibility they have towards taking a stand for social transformation and promote change from within

Coaching services

I offer leadership coaching to organizations and individuals.
Leadership is a key competency to live a fulfilled life and grow to the highest version of your Self. Leadership is a skill and hence it can be learned and nurtured. My coaching supports you in inspiring others and making a difference in the world.

More About Me


  • My coaching sessions with Beatrix were extremely helpful. She assisted me to define the direction of my professional development, has given me much needed support and challenged my ideas. Our talks allowed me to reflect on my progress and think about my goals. After my coaching sessions I felt more confident, driven and I have a clear direction.

    Edith F.
  • You got to the core of my anxiety by asking empowering questions and probed deeper You used a coaching move that completely took me by surprise! :)) Finally, you challenged me to face my anxiety and take action on it. By doing that, you showed that you believed in me and my potential and confident I was ready to take the necessary steps. Thank you so much!

    Nishi S.
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