Leadership Coaching for Organizations and Individuals

Beatrix is based in Singapore and works with individuals and organizations in the region in 1:1 sessions, mostly over video calls. This type of remote coaching allows for more flexibility and efficiency on schedules. Her clients find that this format requires them to be more focused and for this reason the sessions are more impactful.

Beatrix offers a range of customized services that help leaders and their organizations to expand capacity, consciously create impact and move towards their vision

Transformational Coaching

Often, the necessity to change comes from troublesome elements at interplay that require us to shift our perspective and translate it into new behaviors. We don’t become pearls without some sort of irritant.

In business, leadership impacts the rate of hiring and retention as well as talent development, brand perception and organizational performance. Today’s workplace is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) and these challenges call for a new leadership style that is more collaborative, creative and compassionate.

Leadership is developed over time by deliberate practice and mostly it starts with self-leadership. Its source is a reflection on who you are and what change you want to contribute to the world.

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Onboarding Coaching

Employee on-boarding is the process of working together with newly appointed employees (transferred within the company or hired externally) to get them adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly.

It is the process through which new hires learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization, shortening the learning phase during which the new employee uses more resources than he or she produces.

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Parental Transitions Coaching

Parental Transitions Coaching facilitates a smooth transition for the individual, the line manager and the team before, during and after the time of parental leave.

By supporting your employees back into the workplace after starting or raising a family you will:

  • Reduce employee turnover costs.
  • Retain and increase representation of women in senior positions
  • Protect your people assets
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced talent pipeline
  • Increase your employees’ motivation, performance and contribution to the business
  • Enhance your reputation as an employer of choice.

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Presentations and workshops

Presentations and Workshops

Beatrix provides presentations and trainings in Body Language and Micro Expressions.

Training in Body Language increases your understanding of non-verbal communication signs in yourself and others. Learning Body Language helps to consciously choose how to present yourself and recognize the subconscious reactions of others during negotiations and interviews.

Participants learn to be aware of their own body language, building good rapport, conveying the message they want and interpreting non-verbal communication of others.

The BLINK Conversation Technique helps you to lead more effective dialogues, understand implied messages and find mutually beneficial outcomes. These trainings are valuable to people in Human Resources, Sales and Management. Trainings can be delivered at your premises.

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